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A private guide also ensures convenience and ease during the travel experience.

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Benefits and features offered, striking a balance between quality and cost.

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Great support refers to exceptional assistance, guidance, and service.

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Importance of acting quickly to secure desired bookings, maximize availability, and enjoy the associated benefits.

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Travel Packages

Travel tour refers to a pre-arranged package of travel experiences and services offered by tour operators or travel agencies.

Marina Bay area in Singapore city.

Culture Tour


Singapore is one of the world’s most exotic tourist Destinations.Cultural tour include :

  • Explore historical site of Joo Chiat
  • Discover the countryside of stunning Kampong
  • Visit museum and handicrafts in Singapore
  • Village stays
  • Enjoy and celebrate some of the popular festival and local festival (E.g,Hari Raya; Vesak, Deepvali)
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Business Tour


At Myriad Lights we take the initiative to custom design business trip according to customer requirements, 

activities and backward integrate it into time and motion for a seamless experience. They are:

  • Business trips for domestic as well as international destinations with ticket, travelling and international visa assistance
  • Arrangement of conference halls and cabs.
  • Planning and advisory for a leisure trip to the nearby destinations in spare time
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Flamingo in the zoo's pond



Our customer-cantered programs offer a combination of the following experiences:

  • Visit to panda habitat at river Park.
  • Bird Park watching hotspot.
  • Safari in Singapore Zoo.
  • Charming stay in Jungle Camp.
  • Observe The Agricultural Practices of Eastern Bhutan.
  • Views of Himalayas from domestic flight.
  • Trekking and Hiking.
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Education Tour


Our learner-cantered programs offer a combination of the following experiences:

  • Culture
  • Service
  • Projects
  • Adventure
  • Language
  • Teambuilding
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Sport Tour


Jurong Bird Park, located in Singapore, is a captivating avian haven that offers visitors an immersive experience with

a rich diversity of bird species from around the world.

  • Cycling.
  • Car Rally.
  • Golf.
  • Cricket.
  • Archery.
  • Marathon.
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we will provide a relaxed and well-organized travel experience tailored to your needs and preferences. With we knowledge and experience in the tourism industry, we will ensure that every detail of your journey is well taken care of, from comfortable accommodations to smooth transportation arrangements.



Travel Packages

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$300 /2days

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$400 /2days

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Tourist Feedback

Offers an unforgettable travel experience and receives positive feedback from travelers.

Glenn Mcdaniel Tourist Form Spain

I travel frequently for business and have tried several travel agencies before, but my experience with this travel agency far exceeded my expectations. Not only did they take care of all my travel needs with precision and timeliness, but they also provided valuable suggestions.

Raisa Barker Tourist From Thailand

I am delighted to have used the services of this travel agency for our family vacation. They provided comprehensive holiday packages that suited our needs perfectly. Moreover, their team was incredibly friendly and responsive in addressing our inquiries and requests.

Asad Xiong Tourist Form China

As a solo adventurer, I was searching for a travel agency that could provide me with an unforgettable experience and fulfill my desire to explore new places. I was thrilled to discover this travel agency. They helped me plan my solo trip flawlessly, offering recommendations for amazing destinations.

Terrence Baker Tourist Form France

I want to share my incredible experience with this travel agency. They have exceeded my expectations in organizing my dream trip to a far and exotic destination. From start to finish, they provided a highly professional service with attention to detail.I would highly recommend this travel agency.


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